CSI Insurance Brokers


Adopted June 28, 2001
Updated October 28, 2004

Combined Services, Inc. operates an independent insurance agency/ brokerage which operates under an assumed name of CSI Insurance Brokers, hereinafter referred to as CSI. CSI provides various insurance products and financial services through a number of different insurance and or financial services companies to it customers. Additionally, CSI develops proposals for providing insurance products and financial services to potential customers (consumers).

In the course of providing insurance products and financial services to its customers, and in the course of developing proposals for insurance products and financial services for prospective customers, CSI gathers various types of personal non-public information from the following sources:

In gathering this information, CSI shall act in such a manner as to maintain the confidentiality of this information and to conform to all applicable federal and state laws relative to individual privacy. This information shall be kept in the personal file of our customers, or in the case of prospective customers, in such appropriately secure manner as to avoid unintentional dissemination, and shall not be disseminated to any other non-affiliated third parties except solely for the purpose of providing or servicing insurance products or services, or developing proposals for same.